Top NGO in Jharkhand 2024: Working to Bring Positive Impact on Society

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Jharkhand is a state in India’s east. It is famous for its waterfalls, elegant Jain temples on Parasnath Hill, and elephants and tigers in Betla National Park. Ranchi, the state capital, serves as a gateway to the park. Jharkhand is an eastern Indian state known for its abundant mineral resources and diverse culture. It also houses several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that work to improve society. These organisations work to address a variety of issues, including poverty, education, healthcare, women’s rights, and environmental protection. Several Top NGO in India have developed and strengthened through their good works in the last few decades. However, only a few have impacted Society, and some are still working hard and serving the community. Some top NGO in Jharkhand have reached a level, and some want to go where the Indian Society has seen their efforts. Despite being surrounded by all the troubles prevailing in our nation, it lacks transparency or the rate of corruption.

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This article provides comprehensive information about the Top NGOs in Karnataka and how they positively impact Society by doing outstanding work in India. You can check the information about the Best NGO in Karnataka and some information about the NGO, what it is nonprofit, how to start an NGO, procedure, etc.

What is NGO?

Before starting a complete article review, let’s first understand an NGO. An NGO is an organisation in which the government has no role, and It is a Non-governmental organisation. People who have good money or business help people through NGOs. NGOs are a subgroup of organisations established by citizens, including clubs and associations that provide services to their members and others—an organisation aimed at the welfare of society. NGOs do much social work, such as housing widowed women, teaching poor orphans, protecting women, etc.

Role of NGOs in India

In this section, we provide detailed information about the Role of NGOs; you can check the table below.

  • Particular Description: Advocacy for and with the Poor NGOs can act as spokespeople for low-income people, attempting to influence government policies and programmes. This can be accomplished through various methods, including demonstration and pilot projects, public forum engagement, government policy and strategies, and dissemination of research findings and impoverished case studies.
  • Bridging the Gap: Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) work to fill in gaps in government programmes and reach out to those typically overlooked by government projects.
  • Research and Development: These non-governmental organizations (NGOs) do research and assist in advancing knowledge on current topics. They come up with creative solutions to social problems based on research.
  • Acts as a Middleman: It is a nonprofit venture that acts as a middleman and is not under the control of any governmental body. Its goal is to improve the welfare of citizens. Individual needs are assessed by NGOs, which operate as a middleman between Society and the government. They are respected globally because they seek aid in the financial sector and many economic, social, and political structures.
  • Empowering women:  NGOs take a stand against gender-based discrimination through our advocacy and initiatives. Together, we can create a world where everyone is treated fairly and respectfully, regardless of gender.

Top NGO in Jharkhand 2024

There are many excellent Best NGO in Jharkhand that work in various areas such as education, healthcare, women’s empowerment, child rights, environmental conservation, old age, orphanage homes, food, and more. NGOFeed has been working for NGOs for a long time and provides research-based information on them. We have prepared a list of genuine Jharkhand NGOs working hard to improve our society. Our list of famous NGOs in Jharkhand is based on our team’s research and work. In this section, we provide a list of the top NGO in Jharkhand, a short overview of the nonprofit organizations in a table format, and some statistics on how they have helped those in need.

9. Abhivyakti Foundation

Abhivyakti started as an off-the-cuff group of young social activists to push social and cultural activities like Srijanutsav, Natya Mahotsav, folk art exhibitions and other school/ college activities within the Giridih district, which had a protracted void after its glorious past. The fundamental idea was to push for the values of peace, non-violence, national integrity, and sustainable development practices. Because the team gradually increased its field presence and offered the organization a legal identity and necessary formal structure. This led to a legal firm, and Abhivyakti became Abhivyakti Foundation, a trust registered under the Indian Trust Act,1882, on planet population day, i.e. 11 July 2002. The team observes the day as Abhivyakti Day which is associated with the organization’s values and philosophy.

NameAbhivyakti Foundation
Types of RegistrationNon-Government Organization
FounderKrishna Kant
Area of WorkSelf-dependent civil Society has the full realization of and complete access to basic human needs, rights and entitlements without discrimination of caste, creed, sex, faith, or religion.
AddressAbhivyakti Foundation Himani Bhawan Besides Barganda Sub Post Office New Barganda, Giridih – 815301 Jharkhand (India)
Contact Details[email protected]

8. Citizens Foundation

Citizens Foundation could be a non–profit organization that evolved from its humble beginnings in Jharkhand in 1997 and has now registered its presence by pioneering the event sector in over ten states of India as a national-level organization. As a signatory of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), CF has worked towards its vision of ‘Making People Self Reliant’ over the past 20 years.

NameCitizens Foundation
Types of RegistrationNon-Government Organization
FounderKrishna Kant
Area of Workwe have evolved our expertise in health, Sanitation, Natural Resource Management, Livelihood Promotion, and Protection.
Address7 Betar Kendra Niwaranpur Ranchi
Contact Details[email protected]

7. Jharkhand Swabhiman

Jharkhand Swabhiman could be a non-profit organization registered in Ranchi, Jharkhand. It extends assistance to all or any sections of Society that are deprived of how. The aim is to serve humanity without race, caste or religious discrimination. The inspiration stones of the organization were laid on 6 February 2002 by a bunch of experienced and enthusiastic people who had already been involved in the social and economic development of the society. Through mutual efforts and unitedly with social experts, educationists, youth and social animators, and ideology, JHARKHAND SWABHIMAN was created with a typical vision and customary mission.

NameJharkhand Swabhiman
Types of RegistrationNon-Government Organization
FounderMr Arun Shrivastav
Area of WorkTo improve the socio-economic position of the poorest, disabled, helpless, illiterate SC/ST/OBC and weaker sections of society and promote scope for the creation of growth and strengthening of abilities for self-reliance.
AddressJharkhand Swabhiman B-34, Baldeo Sahay Lane, Church Road Ranchi, Jharkhand – 834001
Contact Details[email protected]

6. Life Education and Development Support (LEADS)

“Life Education and Development Support (LEADS) is a trust established by a committed group of professionals on 14 December to develop and empower poor and unorganized people of rural areas and urban slums in Jharkhand. LEADS has all the legal registrations, including FCRA. LEADS was established to create developmental models by unfolding the human pot, which is the core element of sustainability, and replicating such models with the support of the government and other developmental organizations.

NameLife Education and Development Support (LEADS)
Types of RegistrationNon-Government Organization
Area of WorkDuring our interventions, we work in Quality Education for all, Ensuring Child Rights, Assured Livelihood for the most marginalized, Women empowerment, Promotion of Skilled Human Resources, Health, Empowering PRIs, etc.
Address203, Shree Maa Apartment P. N. Bose Compound Purulia Road Ranchi-834001, Jharkhand
Contact Details[email protected]

5. Srijan Foundation

Srijan Foundation (SF) may be a Jharkhand-based non-profit NGO formed by a gaggle of socially committed young professionals in 1995 and formally registered on 7 February 2001 under the Indian Trust Act 1882. Since its inception, SF has worked directly with the community, particularly with women and youngsters, fighting poverty, social exclusion and gender injustice. Keeping them within the focus, SF functions for the overall development by ensuring their rights within the human rights approach.

NameSrijan Foundation
Types of RegistrationNon-Government Organization
Area of WorkSF has been working directly with the community, particularly women and children, struggling with poverty, social exclusion and gender injustice.
AddressSrijan Foundation, 106, Bijoy Enclave, Heerabag Chowk, Matwari, Hazaribag – 825301
Contact Details[email protected]

4. Samarpan

Samarpan may be a child rights-based organization in Jharkhand. The organization’s este vision is to ensure youngsters’ rights and contribute to their optimum development. Samarpan is a Hindi word that suggests devotion, dedication, and commitment. We render our services backward and empty Roji-Roti, Kapra, Education, Health, Security and Water with dedication and commitment. We extend our services to strengthen love, respect, and rights to the needy and those who are deprived of them. For the aim of attaching to the event and the mainstream education of such people, this organization has been established.

Types of RegistrationNon-Government Organization
Area of WorkA Jharkhand-based non-profit NGO & Charity Organization, working for many years, had helped spread awareness for child education, women’s rights etc.
AddressSundernagar, Koderma, 825410 (Jharkhand)
Contact Details[email protected]

3. Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra

Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra created progressive, peaceful, indiscreet virtues to create a society that supports of equality, fraternity, and mutual help. They wanted to tug up the basic causes of poverty. Their main target is the poor towns and villages in Bihar, where needy people are trapped in the hands of poverty.

NameNav Bharat Jagriti Kendra
Types of RegistrationNon-Government Organization
FounderMr Satish Girija
Area of Workthe organization to make it energetic and active for more than four decades in villages of Jharkhand and Bihar through various innovative programs on socio-economic development, health & sanitation, advocacy and education.
AddressAt-Bahera, PO-Brindavan, Via-Chouparan, District-Hazaribag (Jharkhand)
Contact Details[email protected][email protected][email protected]

2. Pratigya

Pratigya is a Jharkhand-based social enterprise driving grassroots initiatives and communid rural areas on problems with Education, Children’s care, and protection in urban and rural areas development. It started in June 2007 by a bunch of committed youth who took inspiration from former President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s appeal for empowering children through education. The pledge to spread the sunshine of teaching to each child has helped 1000 underprivileged kids.

Types of RegistrationNon-Government Organization
FounderAjay Kumar
Area of WorkWe work in urban and rural areas of Jharkhand on issues of Education, Children’s care, protection and development.
AddressCD-611, Sector-2, HEC, Dhurwa, Ranchi-834004, Jharkhand, India
Contact Details[email protected]

1. Jan Lok Kalyan Parishad

In 1989, two young persons from lalmati village Taljhari Block, Sahibganj District, Binod Kr. Parmanik and Shiv Charan Uraw formed a club named Nehru Yuva Club. The motive of this club was to guide the youths, especially tribals living below the poverty level, about their rights and obligations. The club gets registered in 1990. the villagers of Lalmati cooperated with the club, helping it expand activities venturing into health and education. The villagers supported these activities, encouraging the club to control the sewing centre. In 1992, Sri Subhash Sharma, then district collector of Pakur, was impressed by the club’s performance and encouraged club members to register.

NameJan Lok Kalyan Parishad
Types of RegistrationNon-Government Organization
FounderBinod Kumar Parmanik and Shiv Charan Uraw
Area of WorkTo build a Conscious, United, Self Dependent, Educated and Healthy Society by Promoting Social and Economic empowerment for vulnerable communities.
AddressNear quarry association, Sindhi Para, Pakur, Jharkhand, India, 816107
Contact Details[email protected]
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How to Start an NGO?

Before starting an NGO, you should know the fundamental problems of people in the area you want to reduce. Knowing this, it becomes easier to formulate the purpose and mission of your NGO accordingly. After this, you must decide the NGO’s vision, mission and purpose.

People with problems must work accordingly because no one listens to many people’s concerns. Therefore, the purpose of any NGO should be to understand the people’s problems and start their NGO accordingly.

Steps to quickly start an NGO in India:

Here, we provide information about starting an NGO and follow these easy steps. Let’s see.

How to Start an NGO--

NOTE: Do you want to know how to start an NGO?

How to Register an NGO?

The NGO registration process takes place in three ways. We can also say that NGOs can be registered in any of the three Acts. Let us know what these three acts are.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the different categories of non-governmental organizations?

There are two types of non-profit organizations. The first is Trust, and the
second is Society. A profitable NGO, which is frequently registered under the
Companies Act is the third form of NGO.

When is a non-profit organization eligible for government funding?

After three years, an NGO is eligible for government support. However, if an
NGO’s idea is approved and may be eligible for government support
beyond one year.

What minimum number of members must an NGO have to be registered?

If it is a Trust, the minimum number of members required to register an NGO is
three. Not all three members need to come from different states. A society must have at least seven members from seven distinct Indian states.

Which NGO is credible?

Only registered non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are considered legal or permitted to be legal. Make sure you’re donating to a legitimate non-profit organization.

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