Top NGO in Goa. Who is providing a better Society?

Non-Governmental Organizations in India have developed and strengthened through their good works in the last few decades. However, only a few of them have impacted society, and some are still working hard and serving the community. Despite being surrounded by all the troubles prevailing in our nation, it lacks transparency or the rate of corruption. Some Top NGO in Goa has reached a level, and some want to go where the Indian community has seen their efforts.

From this article, we are provided with complete detailed information about the Top NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) in Goa, how they are doing ideal for society by doing great work for the society in India. They will give complete information about NGOs and how they will reach the top Organization.

Top NGO in Goa

Before discussing the Top NGO’s in Goa, let us know some important things about these NGOs.

What is NGO

An NGO is an organisation in which the government has no role; It is a Non-governmental organisation. People who have good money or business help people through NGO. NGOs are a subgroup of organisations established by citizens, including clubs and associations that provide services to their members and others—an organisation aimed at the welfare of society. NGOs do much social work such as housing for widowed women, teaching poor orphans, protecting women, etc.

NGO Overviews

NGO (Full Form)Non-Governmental Organization
Types of NGOTrust Act of 1882
Society Act of 1860
Section 8 Act 2013
Tax Benefits80G, 12AA
FCRAForeign Contribution (Regulation) Act 2010
Work AreasEducation, Health, Environment, Agriculture, Women’s and Child, Sports, Old Age etc.
NGOs workAll over INDIA
OrientationCharities, Service, Participation, Empowerment

Best NGO’s in Goa

Here the updated list of Top NGOs in Goa is officially created by our team NGOFeed. To know detailed information about Registration, Purpose, Objectives, Mission and Vision, Office etc. Read this post carefully.

El Shaddai Charitable Trust

El Shaddai Charitable Trust

El Shaddai Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization in Goa and also has an ISO certified NGO. We work in education, child protection, women empowerment, and advocacy of marginalized children, especially in Goa.

As part of our work, we run formal and non-formal schools across Goa and outreach programmes in slum schools. Here we focus on adult literacy (especially for women) and remedial coaching for dropouts and delinquent children.

NameEl Shaddai Charitable Trust
Types of RegistrationNot-For-Profit Organization
FounderMatthew Kurian
Area of WorkThe organization is continuously working on education, child protection, women empowerment and advocacy for the rights of children, especially the marginalised and those from the streets and orphans in Goa.
AddressEl Shaddai House Socol Vaddo, Assagao Goa-403507
Contact Details+91-832-2268440/50

Sangath Goa

Sangath Goa

Sangath is a non-profit organisation in Goa. We improve health throughout life by empowering existing community resources to provide appropriate physical, psychological, and social treatment. Its primary focus areas are child development, adolescent, youth health, adult health and chronic illness. Started by seven professionals in Goa in 1996, Sangat developed a vision to provide professional health services for developmental disabilities and mental health problems. Today, it is one of the most prominent NGOs in the state, with more than 100 service providers, two centres in Goa, projects across India, collaborations with leading institutions globally, and international recognition for its path-breaking research and intervention programmes the community.

NameSangath Goa
Types of RegistrationNot-For-Profit Organization
FounderDr Vikram Patel
Area of WorkIts primary focus areas include child development, adolescent and youth health, and adult health and chronic disease.
AddressHouse No. 451 (168), Bhatkar Waddo, Socorro, Porvorim, Bardez, Goa – 403501
Contact Details[email protected]

Stop Child Abuse Now

Stop Child Abuse Now

Stop Child Abuse Now is a registered voluntary organisation (NGO) in Panaji, Goa-India. The organisation looks into children in need of care and protection and children in conflict with the law. SCAN-Goa Works closely with the Government Departments, specifically with Goa police, in cases of child abuse. The team works closely with the child welfare committees and the Juvenile Justice Boards in Goa. It undertakes social reintegration of children back to society by enrolling that in schools, vocational courses, training and job placements.

NameStop Child Abuse Now (SCAN-Goa)
Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
FounderEmidio Pinho
Area of WorkThe organization looks into cases of children in need of care and protection as well as children in conflict with the law.
AddressCasa Pinho Corte De Oiteiro Emidio Gracia Road Panaji – Goa 403001
Contact Details[email protected]

I-Help Foundation Goa

I-Help Foundation Goa

I-Help Foundation Goa is a registered NGO in goa. The Foundation has undertaken many social, educational, and environmental projects like I-Help Outreach Goa, I-Educare, I-Warriors, I-Clean, I-Run, I-Help Blood Donation Camp. Health Checkup camps & many more…

NameI-Help Foundation Goa
Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
Tax Exemption Certificate12AA, 80G, FCRA
Mission/VisionSelf Reliant Communities Powered by Selfless Individuals. 
Area of Workthe Foundation has undertaken a multitude of social, educational and environmental projects like I-Help Outreach Goa, I-Educare, I-Warriors, I-Clean, I-Run, I-Help Blood Donation Camp and Health Checkup camps & many more.
Place of WorkIt operates in Goa.
NGO Review4.7/5
Contact UsAddress: Porvorim, Mapusa Goa IN, 403521
Email: [email protected]

Nirmaan Organization

Nirmaan Organization

Nirmaan organisation is a registered NGO in Goa. It was started in 2005 by the students of BITS Pilani. We work in the areas of education, skill development and entrepreneurship and social leadership. In the past 15 years of journey, we have impacted the lives of 1+ million beneficiaries with the support of 220+ full-time employees and 750+ strong volunteer network, generating 12+ Crore (pa) worth of Social Impact through 12 Flagship Programs & Social Leadership Initiatives benefiting Children, Women, Youth and Farmers from diverse social backgrounds across 8 States of India while partnering with 35+ Corporate, Government and Philanthropic partners.

NameNirmaan Organization
Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
FounderMayur Patnala
Area of WorkWe work in the areas of Education, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship and Social Leadership.
AddressH.No. 1-98/9/3, Flat No. 401, Plot No. 3, Jaihind Enclave, Madhapur, Hyderabad – 500081.
Contact Details[email protected]

Goa Foundation

Goa Foundation

The Goa Foundation is a goa based NGO, and it’s also known as Goa’s environmental action groups. It established in 1986 by a group of Goan environmentalists, each flighting their ecological battles. Today, the organisation commands the judiciary, government, and the general public to persist with its environmental plan for more than three decades. The Foundation’s work spans different areas and fields, all related in some way or another to the conservation of Goa’s natural environment.

NameGoa Foundation
Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
FounderClaude Alvares
Area of WorkThe organisation today holds influence with the judiciary, government and the general public, having persisted with its environment agenda for nearly two decades.
AddressG-8, St Britto’s Apartments Opp. St Britto’s High School, Mapusa 403507 Goa
Contact Details[email protected]

Goa ForGiving

Goa ForGiving

Goa ForGiving has its roots early in the millennium when we started off with small acts of community work at an orphanage in Agacaim where North Goa ends at the bridge over River Zuari. Our philosophy has been about giving our hearts to people less privileged than us, and this has taken us through a beautiful journey of serving people and causes wherever we can.

NameGoa ForGiving
Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
FounderArmando Gonsalves
Area of Workwe started off with small acts of community work at an orphanage in Agacaim where North Goa ends at the bridge over River Zuari.
AddressGonsalves Mansion, House No. 141, Near Hotel Campal, Campal, Panaji, Goa – 403001, India
Contact Details[email protected]



Sethu is a charitable trust in Goa, India, and was founded in 2005. It helps children to grow and develop as well as get the best out of their lives. We work in developmental, behavioural, emotional and educational challenges for child education. We are committed to youth welfare and believe that a service-based organisation is highly needed for children and their education, development and behaviour. We believe that everyone who takes care of children can share skills and knowledge – this is the symbol of the bridge. Since the children have family, teachers, community and other support, the bridge can do its job. When we combine our diverse skills and resources, we can maximise our power to make this world more responsive to all children.

Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
FounderElvina Menezes, Ameeta Mascarenhas and Sneha Bhandare
Area of Workwhich helps children get the best out of their lives as they grow and develop.
AddressHouse No. 5/84, Dhonvaddo, Saligao, North Goa 403511, India

Goa Outreach

Goa Outreach

Goa Outreach is a project (registered children’s charity) based in Goa, India, to help local disadvantaged children regardless of their religion, class, caste or gender. Many of these children are slum and street children who have arrived in Goa alone or with their families from neighbouring states to hope for an easier and better life.

Children often work in the streets to support the family income; This is often in the form of garbage pickers, where children, usually in small groups, roam the streets picking up scraps in plastic, cardboard and metal. It is later sold at recycling centres. Other children can be found begging on the beach, selling trinkets or other small items they buy for five bucks and selling to tourists for a sizable mark-up.

NameGoa Outreach
Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
FounderRobert Lyon
Area of WorkWe work with several local slum communities and help them with either entering or staying in education as well as supporting with medical issues and encouraging good hygiene.
Address“The Brown House” H.No. 4/88, Acoi Mapusa Bardez, Goa INDIA 403526

How to Start an NGO?

Before starting an NGO, you should know the basic problems of people in the area you want to reduce. Knowing this, it becomes easier to formulate the purpose and mission of your NGO accordingly. After this, you have to decide the vision, mission and purpose of the NGO.

People who have problems with society will have to work accordingly. Because no one listens to many people’s problems. Therefore, the purpose of any NGO should be to understand the problems of the people and start their NGO accordingly.

Steps to easily start an NGO in India:

Here we are provide the information about How to start an NGO, follow these easy steps to start an NGO. let’s see.

How to Start an NGO

NOTE: To check the complete details about how to start an NGOs Click Here

Required Document

Before starting an NGO you need some important documents.

  • Memorandum and Rules & Regulations in Duplicate duly signed by Minimum Three persons (Each page on bottom).
  • Ownership Proof of Registered Office. (Electricity Bill/Sale Deed/ GPA/Water Bill etc.)
  • Proof of residential / office address of all members of society such as Voter ID / Telephone bill / Electricity bill / Passport / Driving license etc.
  • NOC from Owner of premises on Rs.10/- Stamp Paper.
  • An affidavit from President on Rs.10/- Stamp Paper.
  • All members of society should sign the list of Desirous person.
  • Desirous persons or the persons subscribing the name to the Memorandum should not be (in any case) less than seven. If it is proposed to give All India character to the society, there must be eight different persons from different States of Indian Union to the Memorandum.

How to Register an NGO?

The NGO registration process takes place in three ways. Or we can also say that NGOs can be registered in any of the three Acts. Let us know what these three acts are?

  • Trust Act
  • Society Act
  • Companies Act

Trust Act

There are Trust Acts in various states of India, but if a state does not have a Trust Act, then the 1882 Trust Act applies. It is necessary to have at least 2 trustees under this act. To register an NGO under this Act, you have to apply to the office of the Charity Commissioner or Registrar. To register an NGO under the Trust Act, you need a document called a deed.

Society Act

Registration under the Act requires a Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulations document; this document is essential. At least 7 members are required to create this document. NGOs are registered as societies, but NGOs can be registered as trustees in some states, such as the Societies Act in Maharashtra.

Section 8 Company Act

Memorandum and articles of association and regulation document are required to register an NGO under the Companies Act. No stamp paper of any kind is required to make this document; At least three members must create this document. In this act, the NGO is registered under the Companies Act.

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