Top NGO in Assam 2023: Who is providing a better Society?

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Top NGO in Assam: Assam, a state located in the northeastern region of India, has several NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) working on various social, environmental, and cultural issues. Several nonprofits work hard for various categories to live a better society. Assam, like many other Indian states, has several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in multiple fields, including education, health, the environment, human rights, and rural development. Several NGOs in India have developed and strengthened through their good works in the last few decades. However, only a few of them have impacted society, and some are still working hard and serving the community. Some Best NGO in Assam has reached a level, and some want to go where the Indian society has seen their efforts. Despite being surrounded by all the troubles prevailing in our nation, it lacks transparency or the rate of corruption.

This article provides comprehensive information about the Top NGO in Assam and how they positively impact Society by doing outstanding work in India. You can check the information about the Best NGO in Assam and some information about the NGO, what it is nonprofit, how to start NGO, procedure etc.

[Table of Content]
1 What is NGO?
2 Types of NGOs
3 NGO Overviews
4 Role of NGOs
5 Best NGOs in Assam
6 How to Start an NGO?
7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is NGO?

An NGO is an organisation in which the government has no role, and It is a Non-governmental organisation. People who have good money or business help people through NGOs. NGOs are a subgroup of organisations established by citizens, including clubs and associations that provide services to their members and others—an organisation aimed at the welfare of society. NGOs do much social work, such as housing widowed women, teaching poor orphans, protecting women, etc.

Types of NGOs

There are many questions in our mind, how many types of NGOs and their orientation and level of operation may classify it. So we are providing complete knowledge about how many types of NGOs. let’s look.

NGOs are classified by their orientation, which means the type of activities an NGO undertakes, such as activities involving consumer protection, human rights, health, environmentalism, or development and level of operation, which means the scale at which an organization works: regional, local, national, or international.

Other acronyms commonly used to describe non-governmental organisations are:

BINGO (Business-friendly international NGO)CSO (Civil society organization)
ENGO (Environmental NGO)DONGO (Donor-organized NGO)
GONGO (Government-organized non-governmental organization)GSO (Grassroots Support Organization)
INGO (International NGO)MANGO (Market advocacy NGO)
NGDO (Non-governmental development organization)NNGO (Northern (UK) NGO)
PANGO (Party NGO — addressing political matters)PVDO (Private voluntary development organization)
Quango (Quasi-autonomous NGO)SBO (Social benefit organization)
SCO (Social change organization)SNGO (Southern (UK) NGO)
TANGO (Technical assistance NGO)TNGO (Transnational NGO)
YOUNGO (Youth NGOs – advocating for youth rights)

Role of NGOs

1. Advocacy for and with the Poor: NGOs can act as spokespeople for low-income people, attempting to influence government policies and programmes. This can be accomplished through various methods, including demonstration and pilot projects, public forums engagement, government policy and strategies, and dissemination of research findings and impoverished case studies.

2. Bridging the Gap: Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) work to fill in gaps in government programmes and reach out to those typically overlooked by government projects.

3. Research and Development: These non-governmental organizations (NGOs) do research and assist in advancing knowledge on current topics. They come up with creative solutions to social problems based on research.

4. Acts as a Middleman: It is a nonprofit venture that acts as a middleman and is not under the control of any governmental body. Its goal is to improve the welfare of citizens. Individual needs are assessed by NGOs, which operate as a middleman between Society and the government. They are respected globally because they seek aid in the financial sector and many economic, social, and political structures.

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NGO Overviews

Before checking the complete list of the best NGOs in Assam, look at the NGOs Overviews from the table below.

NGO (Full Form)Non-Governmental Organization
Types of NGOTrust Act of 1882
Society Act of 1860
Section 8 Act 2013
Tax Benefits80G, 12AA
FCRAForeign Contribution (Regulation) Act 2010
Work AreasEducation, Health, Environment, Agriculture, Women’s and Children, Sports, Old Age etc.
NGOs workAll over INDIA
OrientationCharities, Service, Participation, Empowerment

Top NGO in Assam

In this section, we provide detailed information about the Top NGO in Assam, which is doing extraordinary work from the extreme level to build the society. Let’s have a look.

1. Grammya Vikash Mancha (GVM)

It is a non-profit organization serving the excluded Section of society in rural areas of Assam with the thought to “lid a peaceful, Prosperous, egalitarian and exploitation free society in every village” T” “Organization has been struggling with a purpose “o “power the rural community, particularly underprivileged and women, to take control of social institutions, thereby building a society where these people can live with pride. 

NameGramya Vikash Mancha
Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
FounderPrithibhusan Deka
Area of WorkTo create a peaceful, Prosperous, egalitarian and exploitation free society
in every village
AddressKardaitola P.O: Barbari (Kalag) PIN: 781351 District: Nalbari, Assam
Contact Us[email protected]

2. Ashadeep

The Mental Health Society of anguish, there is none higher in any different disease than mental disorders. However, fortunately, it is frequently free from the excruciating pain associated with other illnesses. The NGO’s mission is to start and strengthen interventions for persons with mental diseases and their families in the North-Eastern states of India to manage a life of better condition for them.

Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
FounderMukul Chandra Goswami
Area of WorkWe work on Mental Health.
Address3 B Piya Apartments, Kanaklata Path, Lachitnagar, Guwahati
781007 Assam
Contact Us[email protected]

3. Atma Nirbhar – Ek Challenge

The NGO was established to give economic rehabilitation to mentally and physically challenged adults and give possibilities to physically and mentally challenged individuals to work with dignity and get a living. Mr Bhaskar Barua, the President of the Managing Committee of the NGO, is a retired officer of the IAS and was formerly the Chief Secretary of Assam.

NameAtma Nirbhar – Ek Challenge
Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
FounderMr Kaushik Das
Area of WorkWe work on economic Rehabilitation and Empowerment project for
the Disabled Self Reliance – A Challenge.
Official WebsiteN/A
Address‘Mamata’, 120 Gopinath Nagar (Opp T B Hospital)- Guwahati – 781016, India
Contact Us[email protected]

4. Bhavada Devi Memorial Philanthropic Trust (SENEH)

The trust is working for the advantage of the underprivileged and deprived sections of the society, particularly women of North East India. In several cases, the old and the infirm suffer since their children are dumping them to fend for themselves out of economic compulsions. Ladies in the age group of 50 and above are the ones who undergo the most because they are physically and mentally vulnerable.

NameBhavada Devi Philanthropic Trust
Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
FounderCapt. Atul Baruah
Area of WorkWe provide shelter, food, medical care, clothes etc.
AddressNizarapath, Narakasur, Kahilipara- Guwahati – 781019,India
Contact Us[email protected]

5. Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Nidhi

The NGO was founded in April 1990. Headquartered in Guwahati, Assam, RGVN was founded as an autonomous, non-government organization / non-profit Organization registered under the Society’s Registration of 1860. The NGO aims at sustainable living for the rural poor, where women are granted preference. To make this method more efficient and sustainable, it delivers financial and non-financial help by nurturing and strengthening the grassroots level initiatives of NGOs and community-owned institutions.

NameRashtriya Gramin Vikas Nidhi
Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
FounderShri V S V Rao
Area of WorkWe provide an economic and social status for the poor and
underprivileged rural and urban.
AddressNear Bye Lane No. 6, Rajgarh Main Road Guwahati – 781003
Contact Us[email protected]


It is the first wildlife NGO based in Guwahati. It is India’s Scientific, Industrial Research, and frontline environmental Organization. The Organization says its purpose is to foster the preservation of biodiversity in Northeast India through research, capacity building, environmental education, and advocacy for legal and policy reform to usher in a new era of ecological security. The NGO serves all over the eastern Himalayan region in natural resources management, disaster management, nature conservation, climate change, and livelihood enhancement of marginalized communities through research, advocacy, and education.

Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
FounderDr Bibhab Kumar Talukdar
Area of Worklivelihood enhancement of marginalized communities through research,
education and advocacy.
Address13 Tayab Ali Byelane, Bishnu Rabha Path, Beltola Tinali-Bhetapara Link
Road, Beltola, Guwahati – 781 028, Assam, India
Contact Us[email protected]

7. Foundation for Social Transformation

Foundation for Social Transformation – enabling northeast India (FST) is an organization that works in North East India. The NGO was registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 in December 2005. The conceptualization and ultimate emergence of FST as a development help organization of North East India were incubated in the North East Network, a first right-based organization, through an exploratory plan.

NameFoundation for Social Transformation
Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
FounderRitupon Gogoi
Area of WorkFST supports and promotes the region’s plentiful resources – humans,
natural, cultural as well as creative.
AddressJ. N. Borooah Lane, Jorpukhuri, Guwahati 781001, Assam. India.
Contact Us[email protected]

8. Kripa Foundation

The NGO has the opportunity of being the largest Non–Governmental Organization in India, affiliated with the Union Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, working among people afflicted with chemical dependency & HIV Infection. Above a quarter-century of service, Kripa Foundation has grown into a non-discriminating, supportive community living module, empowering people to introspect and take about a lifestyle change.

NameKripa Foundation
Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
FounderJoseph H. Pereira
Area of WorkWe are working among people afflicted with chemical dependency & HIV Infection.
Contact Us[email protected]

9. Shishu Sarothi

It is a leading not-for-profit organization serving established track work in early intervention and education, livelihoods, rehabilitation, advocacy and awareness, and security of rights and legal aid for kids and persons with disabilities in North East India.

NameShishu Sarothi
Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
FounderMira Kagti
Area of WorkWe work with a proven track record in the area of early intervention
and rehabilitation, education, livelihoods, advocacy and awareness.
AddressRK Mission Rd, Birubari, Guwahati, Assam 781008
Contact Us[email protected]

10. Assam Cancer Care Foundation

The NGO was set up in December 2017 to build a first-of-its-kind, three-level cancer grid in the state. It is a joint partnership between the Assam Government and Tata Trusts. The Trusts and the Assam Government conceptualized the shared care model to create patient-centric cancer institutions to produce standardized and affordable care closer to patients’ homes. The foundation is expected to benefit 50% of Assam’scancerients.

NameAssam Cancer Care Foundation
Types of RegistrationNon-Governmental Organization
FounderDr. Himanta Biswa Sarma
Area of WorkWe are doing cancer.
Address3rd floor, V.K. Trade Centre, G.S. Road, Opposite Downtown
Hospital, Guwahati – 781022
Contact Us[email protected]
NGOs Application Form

Application Form

If you are interested to list your NGO in our portal, then fill the form to further process. Our team will coordinate with you. (This form is only an application). 

How to Start an NGO?

Before starting an NGO, you should know the fundamental problems of people in the area you want to reduce. Knowing this, it becomes easier to formulate the purpose and mission of your NGO accordingly. After this, you must decide the NGO’s vision, mission and purpose.

People with problems must work accordingly because no one listens to many people’s concerns. Therefore, the purpose of any NGO should be to understand the people’s problems and start their NGO accordingly.

Steps to quickly start an NGO in India:

Here we provide information about Starting an NGO and follow these easy steps to start an NGO. Let’s see.

How to Start an NGO--
How to Start an NGO

Required Document

Before beginning an NGO, you need some essential documents.

  • Memorandum and Rules & Regulations in Duplicate duly signed by a Minimum of Three persons (Page on bottom).
  • Ownership Proof of Registered Office. (Electricity Bill/Sale Deed/ GPA/Water Bill etc.)
  • Proof of residential / office address of all members of society such as Voter ID / Telephone bill / Electricity bill / Passport / Driving license etc.
  • NOC from the Owner of premises on Rs.10/- Stamp Paper.
  • An affidavit from President on Rs.10/- Stamp Paper.
  • All members of society should sign the list of Desirous people.
  • Desirous persons or persons subscribing to the name of the Memorandum should not be (in any case) less than seven. If it is proposed to give All India character to the society, there must be eight persons from different states of the Indian Union to the Memorandum.

How to Register an NGO?

The NGO registration process takes place in three ways. Or we can also say that NGOs can be registered in any of the three Acts. Let us know what these three acts are.

  • Trust Act
  • Society Act
  • Companies Act

Trust Act

There are Trust Acts in various states of India, but if a state does not have a Trust Act, then the 1882 Trust Act applies. It is necessary to have at least two trustees under this act. To register an NGO under the Trust Act, you need a document called a deed. To register an NGO under this Act, you must apply to the office of the Charity Commissioner or Registrar.

Society Act

NGOs are registered as societies, but NGOs can be registered as trustees in some states, such as the Societies Act in Maharashtra. Registration under the Act requires a Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulations document; this document is essential. At least 7 members are required to create this document.

Section 8 Company Act

Memorandums, articles of association, and regulation documents are required to register an NGO under the Companies Act. No stamp paper is necessary to make this document. At least three members must create this document. This act of the NGO is registered under the Companies Act.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I be confident that my donation to the NGO is appropriately utilized?

You are free to examine their accounts or visit programmes to ensure complete transparency. Accounts and schedules are audited regularly, and government regulations follow strict financial restrictions.

How can I get involved with these non-profits as a volunteer?

Please contact them via email with your skill set, and let’s speak. If you want to work with the needy on the ground, we recommend contacting one of the NGOs mentioned on our website.

When is a non-profit organization eligible for government funding?

After three years, an NGO is eligible for government support. However, if an NGO’s idea is approved, it may be eligible for government support even beyond one year.

What is the minimum number of members needed to register a non-profit organization?

If it is a Trust, the minimum number of members required to register an NGO is three. Not all three members need to come from different states. If you want to register a society, you must have at least seven members from seven distinct Indian states.

What is the procedure for registering a non-profit organization?

Following a few simple procedures, you may simply register an NGO: Choosing a cause and Organising a board of directors. Choose a name. Prepare the necessary forms and register your non-profit organization. Click Here to learn everything you need to know about starting an NGO.

Can a single person start an NGO?

Can a single person start an NGO? No, a single person cannot begin an NGO. A minimum of two people are required for Section 8 company incorporation, and at least three people are required for Trust and Society registration.

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