Are you a Non-Governmental Organization and doing lots of work for our society in several fields, like providing education to low-income families, helping all the needy people in health care, consumer protection, human rights, health, environment, or social development? In fact at this crucial time where the whole world suffered from this COVID-19 Pandemic? After all this trouble and doing all this hard work for our society.

But do you have any idea that several NGOs are doing a lot of hard work for our society, but their work is not shown anywhere because they have limited reach? Several NGOs in India invest massive amounts in reaching more people. What will you do if you want to reach more people to increase your work awareness, stories, or news? You chose the advertisement. It’s sound to be good Newspaper ads, Publish news or stores in a news portal, Banner Advertisement, etc. You know it’s very costly. Whether you choose the news channel to publish your stories, after giving your 100% for our society, you must pay.

Our Solution

We are “NGOFeed” is starting a campaign is “#shareyourstories”, Where any NGO/NPO can share its own success stories & Working News in our portal to reach more people in India & Global free of cost; yes, you heard right free of charge. You have to fill out the below-mentioned form with all the required details. Our Team will research your work and publish your stories or news in our portal. We make one step closer to reaching more people for your work.