World Oral Health Day 2024: Theme, Top Healthcare NGOs, Importance etc.

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Every year on March 20, the world celebrates World Oral Health Day 2024. Oral health benefits, oral disease awareness, and oral cleanliness are its key goals. World Dental Federation sponsors and promotes the holiday as a forum for dental care and oral hygiene discussions. Dental and oral hygiene professionals use numerous venues to educate individuals about proper oral hygiene and treatment options today.

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General health and oral health are vital. It keeps your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy. It also enhances your attractiveness. Poor dental health can cause heart disease, diabetes, stroke, respiratory issues, and premature births in pregnant women. 

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World Oral Health Day 2024 Theme

World Dental Federation (FDI) presented the three-year theme (2024 – 2026),” A HAPPY MOUTH IS… A HAPPY BODY.” for World Oral Health Day (WOHD) during this year. This theme encourages mouth care by causing people to take care of their mouths and, therefore, their general health and well-being. 

To celebrate the day, the FDI World Dental Federation organizes seminars and meetings to address the issues of oral health and hygiene. On World Oral Health Day of 2024, we call to everyone in the world to make a real difference and improve the global oral health status that has been neglected for ages now. 

Let us join forces this year to raise awareness about oral health care and encourage as many people as possible to take good care of their mouths and preserve the quality of their lives.

The World Oral Health Day 2024 Importance

On World Oral Health Day 2024, the call for action is to each and every one of us to participate in efforts to end the global oral health problem. This year, we need your contribution to make the public aware and encourage people to ensure good oral health and, therefore, preserve the quality of their lives. 

The oral cavity is a gate for food and nutrients and also for bacteria and microscopic organisms. Therefore, one should care about their oral health regardless of the age. 

Multiple oral diseases can affect people of all ages. Poor oral hygiene, such as tooth decay, cavities, gum disease and bad breath, may affect our health, and not taking care of this may cause greater problems to our bodies. 

A healthy mouth and a healthy body – are two sides of the same coin. Preserving a healthy mouth is the key to keeping it in top shape, preventing failure, and maintaining good general health and quality of life.


On World Oral Health Day, let us remind ourselves that oral health should be a priority, and we should also take the bull by the horns to make others realize the same. By engaging in the proactive steps of oral care delivery and education on dental health, wider access to dental care and best dental practices, we can have healthier smiles that will, in turn, improve the well-being of individuals and communities worldwide. Don’t forget that a healthy mouth means a healthier life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the goal of the World Oral Health Day?

On every 20th of March, we attempt to combine global efforts to share the burden of the oral diseases that affect everyone – individuals, healthcare systems and economies everywhere. Its purpose is to build people with knowledge, skills, and courage to have oral health.

How oral health awareness is defined?

Their dentists should evaluate adults’ dental health awareness. The more they realize about their dental health, the more they will know what they have to keep for their teeth from among all that they know and what they should improve on if they want healthy and strong teeth.

What is primary oral health care?

In the country, oral health care delivery of preventative services and dental emergencies is only provided in a few health facilities covering the whole area.

On Which day is World Oral Health Day marked in 2024?

World Oral Health Day 2024 is celebrated on 20th March 2024, which is this coming Thursday.

Sharing is Caring
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