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UNICEF Full Form: History, Objective, Work etc.

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UNICEF Full Form: UNICEF is a particular program of the United Nations dedicated to supporting national efforts to improve children’s health, nutrition, education, and general welfare. UNICEF is an abbreviation for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, established in 1946. In 1953, the organization changed its name to the United Nations Children’s Fund to reflect its broader mission but retained the original abbreviation.

UNICEF stands for United Nations Children’s Fund; formerly, it had been called the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. It’s a special program of the United Nations which works for the overall welfare of needy children and mothers across the planet.

1 UNICEF Overview
2 History
3 5 Major Problems Faced by the Youngsters
4 What does UNICEF Work?
5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

UNICEF Overview

Today UNICEF is functioning in more than 190 countries. It works with local communities, business partners, and governments to supply urgent relief aid to needy children and mothers.

UNICEFUnited Nations Children’s Fund
HeadquartersNew York, United States
Formation11 December 1946
Executive DirectorHenrietta H. Fore
Work190 countries


UNICEF was established 1946 to relieve children in countries devastated after World War II. After 1950 the fund directed its efforts toward general programs to improve children’s welfare, particularly in less-developed countries and various emergencies.

  • It was established by the United Nations General Assembly on 11 December 1946 for the welfare of European children after World War ll.
  • In 1950, the General Assembly extended its mandate to help needy children and mothers in developing countries.
  • In 1953, UNICEF became a permanent United Nations General Assembly member, and its name was shortened to? United Nations Children’s Fund. However, the assembly retained its acronym “UNICEF”.

5 Major Problems Faced by the Youngsters

UNICEF believes each child has the proper nutrition, education, health and protection against abuse and exploitation. Accordingly, it focuses on five major problems faced by the youngsters, which are listed below:

  • Violence and exploitation
  • Hunger
  • War
  • Disaster
  • Disease

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What does UNICEF Work?

UNICEF works in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, defend their rights, and help them fulfil their potential from early childhood through adolescence.

  • Child protection and inclusion: UNICEF works with partners worldwide to promote policies and expand access to services that protect all children.
  • Every child has the right to survive and thrive: UNICEF has helped reduce child mortality worldwide by working to reach the most vulnerable children everywhere.
  • Education: UNICEF works worldwide to support quality learning for every girl and boy, especially those in the greatest danger of being left behind.
  • Social policy: UNICEF works worldwide to reduce child poverty and shield girls and boys from its lifelong consequences.
  • UNICEF in emergencies: UNICEF is on the ground before, during, and after emergencies, working to reach children and families with lifesaving aid and long-term assistance.
  • Gender: UNICEF works worldwide to empower girls and women and ensure their full participation in political, social, and economic systems.
  • Innovation for children: UNICEF works with partners in every sector to co-create innovative solutions that accelerate progress for children and young people.
  • Supply and logistics: UNICEF delivers sustainable access to lifesaving supplies where they are most needed, accelerating results for vulnerable children.
  • Research, evidence and analysis: UNICEF delivers sustainable access to lifesaving supplies where they are most needed, accelerating results for the most vulnerable children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Full form of UNICEF?

The full form of UNICEF is the United Nations Children’s Fund

Is UNICEF an Indian?

Yes, UNICEF replies to difficulties in protecting the freedom of children. Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Karnataka. Location: New Delhi.

What is UNICEF’s goal?

UNICEF stands for every child, universally. We are guided by the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child, supporting the protection of children’s rights, helping to meet their essential needs, and providing them a fair chance to reach their full potential.

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