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UNDRR Full Form: History, Goals, etc.

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UNDRR Full Form: The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland. UNDRR is part of the United Nations Secretariat. It promotes the implementation & evaluation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction chosen by the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction on 18 March 2015 in Sendai, Japan. As the United Nations Office for Catastrophe Risk Reduction, the UNDRR works with governments, partners, and communities to decrease catastrophe risk and losses in order to promote a safer, more sustainable future.

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United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction is led by a United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction (SRSG) and has over 100 employees. Throughout this article, we are providing detailed information about the UNDRR full form, formation or history, work, goal and more.

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What is UNDRR?
3 History of UNDRR
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UNDRR Overview

Here in this section, we are providing a short overview of UNDRR (United Nations Human Settlements Programme). Let’s have a look.

UNDRRUnited Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
HeadquartersGeneva, Switzerland
Parent organizationUnited Nations
HeadMami Mizutori

What is UNISDR?

The UNISDR is a global framework established within the United Nations to promote action to reduce social vulnerability and risks from natural disasters and related technological and environmental disasters.

  • The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction is the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction.
  • It builds on the experience gained during the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction from 1990 to 1999.
  • The UNDRR incorporates the principles adopted during the preceding Decade, such as the Yokohama Strategy for a Safer World: Guidelines for Natural Disaster Prevention, Preparedness, and Mitigation and its Plan of Action, as well as the Geneva Mandate on Disaster Reduction.

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History of UNDRR

International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction1989
First World Conference on Disaster Reduction and the Yokohama Strategy for a Safer World1994
International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR)1999
The Johannesburg Plan of Action2002
Second World Conference on Disaster Reduction and the Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-20152005
The first session of the Global Platform on Disaster Reduction2007
Programme of Action for the Least Developed Countries for the Decade 2011-20202011
United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development – Rio+202012
Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States and the SIDS ACCELERATED MODALITIES OF ACTION (S.A.M.O.A.) Pathway2014
Third United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-20302015

Funding of UNDRR

  • UNDRR received USD 60 million in financial contributions in 2022.
  • Financial requirements for the 2022-2023 Work Programme were identified at USD 110 million.
  • In-kind contributions included eight Junior Professional Officers (JPOs) provided by various countries.
  • Flexible or unearmarked funding accounted for USD 18.1 million, representing 30% of the funding received.
  • Seven new multi-year contributions were signed in 2022 to support strategic planning.
  • Top donors included Sweden, Italy, the United States of America, Germany, Japan, and others, each contributing over USD 2.5 million.
  • Three new donors joined UNDRR in 2022: Indonesia, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure.

UNDRR Mandate Overview

  • Serve as the focal point in the UN system for coordinating disaster reduction efforts.
  • Ensure synergies among disaster reduction activities of the UN system and regional organizations.
  • Focus on applying disaster risk reduction (DRR) to climate change adaptation.
  • Advocate for increased investments in DRR.
  • Work towards building disaster-resilient cities, schools, and hospitals.
  • Strengthen the international system for disaster risk reduction (DRR).

UNDRR and India

  • UNDRR collaborates with the Government of India (GoI) to enhance disaster risk reduction efforts.
  • Focus areas include policy support, capacity building, and knowledge sharing.
  • India has suffered significant economic losses, up to $80 billion, due to disasters between 1998 and 2017.
  • It ranks among the top 5 countries facing absolute economic losses from disasters.
  • In March 2019, the GoI launched a UN-backed initiative to engage the private sector in reducing disaster risk and economic losses.


  • UNDRR ARISE India is a five-year project funded by the European Union and the Government of India.
  • It aims to engage businesses in reducing disaster risks and integrating risk reduction strategies into their operations and supply chains.
  • The project targets six states in India: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Odisha, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh.
  • ARISE India focuses on aligning with the Sendai Framework and building resilience to disasters.
  • ARISE is a UNISDR-led network of private sector entities, with 140 countries, including India, as members.
  • Members voluntarily commit to disaster resilience, sharing data, experiences, and projects.
  • Activities and interactions primarily occur at local and regional levels, with each member deciding their level of involvement and resources.


The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) is very important for managing efforts around the world to lower the risk of disasters and make people more resilient. UNDRR works with governments, organisations, and towns all over the world to lessen the effects of natural disasters. Its main office is in Geneva, Switzerland. The UNDRR wants to make the future safer and more sustainable by getting companies and other interested parties involved in disaster risk reduction strategies. One way they do this is through programmes like ARISE India. UNDRR keeps pushing for more funding, policy support, and capacity building to deal with the changing problems in disaster risk management. Donors and partners continue to help them do this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the full form of UNDRR?

The full form of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Who is the head of UNDRR?

Mami Mizutori

When and where UNDRR was established?

UNDRR was established in 1999.

What is the Formerly Known as UNDRR?

UNDRR is formerly known as UNISDR.

Where is the headquarters of UNDRR?

Geneva, Switzerland

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