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Read out the SJH Charitable Trust Story; how they help needy and widows families

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As we all see and realize the lockdown effects created more unemployment in society, especially in our community leading to significant problems and diversifying from their work to unwanted mandates. Hence, a team started realizing and came forward a step to change the situation in the community that is called ‘SJH Charitable Trust’. 

Success Story

SJH Charitable Trust Projects

  • Education/Scholarship
  • Medical Support
  • Groceries Distribution
  • Women Empowerment Project
  • Youth Empowerment Program etc.

The NGO has successfully distributed groceries bags to 2000+ needy and widows families For their monthly Service. SJH Charitable Trust helped more than 50+ orphan students through scholarships to get Quality Education. SJH Charitable Trust has done many programs to guide our young generation through career Guidance, counselling etc. We have done a youth Empowerment program, Complete Career Guidance and Job opportunities for our young generation.

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Currently, they are working on a Women’s Empowerment project in which we are helping Widows and Needy women with small-scale business support according to their skills and we keep following up with them till they become an entrepreneur through this project needy families can easily earn their daily expenses.

The nonprofit makes a living by what we get and makes a life by what they give Donate Now to Empower Women and make them Entrepreneurs.

Sharing is Caring
Success Story

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