Top 15 Reasons Why Work For NGOs – Benefit & More

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Hello there, everyone who is ready to make a difference! Have you ever found yourself bored in your monotonous 9-5 job? As if you’re created for a purpose greater than yourself, something that has a lasting effect on other people’s lives? Yes, that is not a bad idea, after all, mate. Try working with a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

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And now you’re probably saying, “Okay, but will I have to suffer from a pay cut?” “Isn’t this just volunteering?” Nope. Working for an NGO is definitely much more than a job, and believe me, the benefits are worth all your energy (and also your stress)!

Why You Should Work For An NGO

In this section, you will find a wealth of information on the multitude of benefits that come with working for NGOs in India. Whether you’re looking to make a positive impact on society, gain valuable experience, or explore new cultures, working with NGOs in India can provide you with a unique and fulfilling experience. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of 15 compelling reasons Why Work For NGOs an NGO in India. So, read on and discover why working with NGOs in India could be the perfect opportunity for you!

1. Make a Real Difference

Let me start with the most obvious one – working with NGOs is more than just a 9-5 job since you are not just doing the work for the sake of the job; you are actively helping to create a better world. Whether you are involved in the struggle for human rights, the environment, or helping the needy—every single day will wake you up knowing that your work is making a very real and positive difference in someone’s life.

2. Diverse Opportunities Galore

The NGO sector of India is massive and diverse, encompassing a wide array of sectors ranging from education to health to women empowerment and child welfare, among others. It doesn’t matter if you have no idea what you want to do and you are still looking for your own niche; there is always an NGO that is in line with your interests and values. It’s the same thing as in a buffet of fulfilling projects – you get to decide what sparks your passion.

3. Travel the Unexplored

Many NGOs function in remote and forgotten regions, offering you the opportunity to travel to places you have probably never even heard of before. From the snow-capped Himalayan peaks to the sun-soaked beaches of the south, your job might be the perfect opportunity to fulfill your wildest daydream. You can never know, you may even discover some gems which remains hidden until you start to explore.

4. Cultural Immersion

Working for an NGO is like getting an opportunity to enjoy unlimited and the most attractive cultural experiences India has. You’ll have the privilege of meeting people from different backgrounds and knowing where they come from and what their customs are, and this will give you a greater understanding of what makes our nation amazing. It’s an amazing experience, like having a spurt growth in cultural appreciation and getting to be the shining student.

5. Personal Growth Guaranteed

As a member of an NGO, not only could you deal with unfamiliar things that you won’t even imagine, but you also need to face your inner challenges. Along the way, you will learn skills that you didn’t even know you would need, such as the ability to solve problems, be flexible, and endure challenges. However, in the end, you will come out of the experience as a better human being, with increased empathy, compassion, and awareness of the world. It’s like a personal growth trekking, only you won’t be under the control of the disciplinary screaming sergeants.

6. Professional Development Opportunities

Even though people tend to think that working for an NGO is the opposite of progressing in your career, it’s not. In fact, there are a number of NGOs that provide good training sessions, workshops, and events for skill development. You will be in a position where you can enhance your leadership skills and project management skills and even learn new languages or technical competencies. In the same way, it is like getting a master’s degree in life but without the student loans.

7. Network Like a Boss

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) cooperate, and all the dedicated members are involved in the mission to translate the world into an ideal one. Being part of this network will give you a chance to interact with people from all spheres of life, brainstorm, swap experiences, and, who knows, maybe even open up new doors in the future. You can establish a group of instant friends who understand you perfectly at any time without the need to have a boring conversation.

8. Job Satisfaction Guaranteed

It’s one of the things about the job in an NGO when you work that you will never have to question as to why or what you are doing. Every single day, you will know that you are not working for yourself; you are working for something bigger than you, something that is giving back to others and transforming their lives for the better. It is being a sense of self-fulfilment all the time and never having to look for motivational quotes and inspirational posters (though those are awesome as well).

9. Flexible Work Arrangements

Many NGOs comprehend that work-life balance is essential for their employees and provide them with such work arrangements as flexible work hours. Such options can be diskless work, adjustable hours or even vacations for the employees to indulge in other things apart from work activities. It just simulates having the most satisfied life – you get to do the most fulfilling work and also lead a healthy life lifestyle. Win-win situation!

10. Tax Benefits

Okay, let’s consider the practical perspective. Did you know that being employed in an NGO in India may have some nice tax advantages? The good news is that tax benefits such as tax exemption or deductions on your income might be available for the organization and your specific role. It’s just that you feel that somehow the government is appreciating you for the good things that you do!

11. Sense of Community

When working for an NGO, you do not just become a part of an organization. Instead, you are part of a bigger movement, a community of like-minded people who are all working hard towards one goal. You will be attending the community where enthusiastic people from all backgrounds meet and participate in open discussions about their ideas, assist each other and celebrate their successes together. It really feels like a self-supporting mechanism that feels you deeply and rejoices on you for your success.

12. The First-hand view of various perspectives

The experience of working for an NGO is associated with the possibility of meeting people from various cultures, traditions, and religions. It will help you to view the world from different perspectives, analyze your previous beliefs, and develop an integrated perception of the world. It has the taste of experiencing an open-air university for cultural sensitivity and global awareness but remaining within the borders of one’s own country in a virtual way.

13. Ethical and sustainable employment

Nowadays, when corporate wrongdoings and unethical practices are more likely to be put under the spotlight, working for an NGO can give you the feeling that what you do is right and decent. You’ll be a part of an organization that values transparency and accountability, which reflect its commitment towards societal and environmental wellbeing. It’s like the knowledge that everything at work stays in a neat order every day.

14. Opportunity for Skill Based Volunteering

Many NGOs value highly qualified and experienced professionals who can use their expertise and knowledge in support of the cause. In doing so, they acquire practical skills and actually get first-hand experience. Whether you are a marketing genius, a tech prodigy, or a financial wizard, your skill set might be what would take the NGO’s mission to the next level. It’s almost like taking a classroom course and also helping the community at the same time. A win-win, isn’t it?

15. Endless Stories to Talk About

Also, the good thing is that you could be bragging to your family and friends about unique stories that you witnessed during your work at an NGO. Whether you want to read about lives changed for the better or explore the hardships overcome, the stories you will encounter every day will be an indelible part of your memories. You’ll be making everyone love and laugh; these humour tales of your mission will be told, with the friends being left in awe and probably joining the NGO movement themselves.


And that’s it – 15 strong reasons why working in an NGO could be the best career choice you will ever make. It’s a road that holds many different options such as personal growth, professional improvement, cultural exploration, and above all, the possibility to make a real and permanent change for all of humanity and the world.

However, don’t just believe me – delve deeper into the NGO world, check out the different organizations, and select one that matches your interests and beliefs. This is an experience from which you can never turn back, and it is more than fulfilling to work for an NGO.

The global community is short of people like you who can bring about change. What are you waiting for? Get up and move to the front line with those who are impacting lives. Embrace the thrill, and let your journey with NGO start now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do you want to work for an NGO?

Working as a non-profit organization is a great opportunity where you have a chance to meet people of different backgrounds and work in different environments. You are no longer in the familiar environment where things follow the same pattern. Therefore, you can have a new experience in terms of learning while working on various tasks.

What purposes do NGOs serve?

Usually, a non-government organization or NGO is established to work toward public or social welfare goals. Moreover, an NGO could point out human rights, voters’ rights, healthcare, helping the poor and preventing animal abuse. The NGOs may get their funding from donations or grants.

Why should I volunteer at an NGO?

NGOs offer students an opportunity to respond to a wide range of problems, thus allowing them to gain invaluable skills and competencies that include teamwork, communication, problem solving, and project management. These talents are not only important in this case but also prove to be useful when one is in the professional world.

Is NGO a good career option?

NGOs provide a range of career options. Whether your interest lies in medicine, development, human rights law, or any other social or political area, several NGOs can be found, and you can work for one of them. Besides job opportunities in NGOs, there are also jobs in individual organizations.

Do people working in NGOs get a salary?

The NGOs, which do not make their own income, are financially supported by the funders and who pays for their employees. The NGOs which generate their own incomes will pay their employees well. The salary in NGOs are totally depends on the income and investments of NGO.

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