NGO Full Form: Types of NGO, Top NGOs in India etc.

There are many questions about NOGs, the complete form of NGO, type NGOs, how it works, Top NGOs in India, & more. So let’s begin; an NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organization is an organization that is generally formed independently from the government. It is any non-profit, voluntary group of individuals established to fix the social structure, kids, the poor, the environment etc. NGOs work for socioeconomic improvement and empowerment.

NGO Full form in Hindi: NGO का full form, हिंदी में एनजीओ का फुल फॉर्म गैर सरकारी संगठन है।

Types of NGOs

There are many questions in our mind, how many types of NGOs and their orientation and level of operation may classify it. So we are providing complete knowledge about how many types of NGOs, let’s have a look.

NGOs are classified by their orientation, that means the type of activities an NGO undertakes, such as activities involving consumer protection, human rights, health, environmentalism, or development and level of operation, which means the scale at which an organization works: regional, local, national, or international.


CharitiesThey involve NGOs directed at meeting the requirements of disadvantaged people and groups.
ServiceIt involves NGOs that give healthcare (including family planning) and education.
ParticipationIt includes self-help projects with local involvement in tools, land, money, materials, or labour.
EmpowermentIt aims to help poor people know the political, social, and economic factors influencing their lives and raise awareness of their power to control their lives.

Level of Operation

Level of OperationDescription
Community-based organizations (CBOs) A popular initiative can increase the awareness of the urban poor, helping them get their right to services and giving such services.
City-wide organizations It includes commerce and industry chambers, business coalitions, ethnic or educational groups, and community organizations.
State NGOs It includes state-level organizations, associations, and groups, and some state NGOs are guided by national and international NGOs.
National NGOs It is an NGO that survives in only one country; they are rare. These include national organizations such as YMCAs and YWCAs, professional associations, and similar groups.
International NGOs (INGOs) It ranges from secular agencies, such as to save the children, to religious groups. They may fund local NGOs, institutions and projects, and implement projects.

Advantage of an NGO

We are sharing the following are the advantages of commencing an NGO in India:

  • Reduce literacy levels
  • Improve standards of life
  • Innovative approaches
  • Better communication

Top NGO in India

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Freqeuntly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the Full form of NGO?

A. NGO stands for NON-Government Organization.

Q. What is NGO work?

A. NGOs take up and execute projects to promote the welfare of the community they work with, and they work to address various concerns and issues prevailing within the society.

Q. What is the advantage of NGO?

A. The advantage of NGO are:
> Reduce literacy levels
> Improve standards of life
> Innovative approaches
> Better communication

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