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Mera India Mera Adhikar Success Story: Read the Inspiring Journey

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For the past ten years, Mera India Mera Adhikar, a youth-run NGO, has worked tirelessly to empower underprivileged children living in the slums through education and sports. Founded by three passionate individuals from the communities they seek to serve, the organization has become a beacon of hope for countless children facing numerous daily challenges.

Success Story

The story of Mera India Mera Adhikar begins in the heart of a bustling slum, where Prem, Shashikant, and Sudeep grew up witnessing the harsh realities of poverty and limited opportunities firsthand. Despite their adversities, they possessed an unwavering belief in the transformative power of education and the joy of sports. With this shared vision, they took it upon themselves to create an organization to bring about positive change in their community.

Driven by their shared passion, In the Year 2013, Prem, Shashikant, and Sudeep founded Mera India Mera Adhikar in a small rented room within the slum, with no external funding or resources.

With its contributions, Mera India Mera Adhikar set up its first makeshift classroom in the heart of the slum. The trio tirelessly gathered used textbooks and school supplies, often repairing or recycling items to make the most of what they had. They also approached nearby schools and colleges, urging them to donate outdated books and stationery that could still be of value to the children. Slowly but steadily, the organization began to provide educational support to the children, offering tutoring, mentoring, and access to learning materials.


In 2018, with the help of Dr Sahana Mazumdar, Mera India Mera Adhikar (MIMA) initiated a groundbreaking project called DURI. Under this project, MIMA launched computer classes tailored to underprivileged children in slums. Recognizing the significance of digital literacy in today’s world, DURI aimed to bridge the technological divide by providing access to computers, teaching essential digital skills, and fostering a deeper understanding of technology. Through this initiative, MIMA empowered these children with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the digital landscape, opening doors to new opportunities and equipping them for a brighter future.

Realizing that education alone was not enough, Prem, Shashikant, and Sudeep understood the importance of physical activity and its positive impact on a child’s overall development. They recognized that sports could instil discipline, teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment. However, the lack of space and resources posed a significant challenge. Undeterred, they approached local authorities, seeking permission to utilize local parks for sports activities.

The impact of Mera India Mera Adhikar on the lives of the children was profound. Once dismissed as hopeless, many began to dream and aspire for a better future. Through education, they developed crucial skills and knowledge, equipping them to break free from the cycle of poverty. Sports provided an outlet for their energy and emotions, instilling a sense of discipline, resilience, and self-confidence.

Over the years, Mera India Mera Adhikar became a platform for these underprivileged children to showcase their talents. The organization organized various events, including sports tournaments, inviting community members to witness the incredible potential hidden within the slums. These events celebrated the children’s achievements and challenged societal prejudices and stereotypes associated with their backgrounds.

As Mera India Mera Adhikar completed a decade of service, the impact of work extended far beyond the slum they initially set out to serve. Their story showed that change was possible even in the most challenging circumstances with determination, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of justice.

Looking back, Prem, Shashikant, and Sudeep feel an immense sense of pride and gratitude for the journey they embarked upon. What started as a humble initiative fuelled by their own experiences and aspirations has transformed into a powerful force of change, impacting the lives of countless children and families. Their story serves as a reminder that the power to bring about transformation lies within the hands and hearts of those who refuse to accept the status quo and fight for a better future.

Sharing is Caring
Success Story

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  1. Excellent article, Saghira.
    I’ve been associated with Mera India Mera Adhikar almost since the beginning.
    I’ve always been inspired by their enthusiasm, dedication and perseverance. They are bringing a real change in people’s lives.
    I wish them a very bright future and may all their dreams be realised.


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