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Know the Transplants Help the poor Foundation Patient Stories Here

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Transplants Help the poor Foundation Patient Stories

Success Story

Kauteelya Gupta – This 9-month-old baby initially had a liver problem; it worsened during the fourth month. He was rushed to Medanta, but then it wasn’t a good experience as the operation failed, and the hospital was not much of a support. When he was bought to MAX, the parents felt like a second home. The baby underwent successful surgery on 24 Sep 2021 and is recovering well. The parents are immensely grateful to Transplant Foundation for the timely help and support.

Master Goutham – Aster Hospital/ Transplant done on – 17/09/2021

Every day, it feels like my son is growing further distant from me. No child should have to go through this misery for so long. I don’t want to lose my only child… My husband has already abandoned us. His health is deteriorating significantly due to this rare disease that’s consuming him. It breaks my heart to see my son in pain.

How did it all start?

Three years ago, I received the most precious present of all: my son, Goutham. My joy, though, was fleeting. I vividly recall the horrible day my husband abandoned us for something so inescapable. My little son became the light of my life as he grew older. But, on the other hand, he is now restricted to bed. After my little son’s diagnosis, all we needed was support, but we no longer had it. The sight of him sobbing in agony keeps me awake all night long.

Unlike everyone else, my son’s lockdown started earlier, in 2019. It all began with a bout of fever. He ultimately stopped eating, and his body temperature spiked unnaturally. We assumed it was just a regular fever, so I tried all the home cures, but they didn’t seem to help. His condition worsened much more. Frantic, I hurried him to a neighbouring paediatrician in our vicinity.

I want my son to survive…

After a couple of tests, to our worst nightmare, the doctor revealed to us that his liver was failing. He asked us to take our son to a bigger hospital with better amenities. After looking at my poor boy’s condition, the experts at Aster CMI Hospital informed us that he was diagnosed with Acute Fulminant Liver failure. We had no idea what this strange disease meant, but we knew it was something grave. Only one thing was running in my brain- I wanted my baby to be cured…I want him to live.

Goutham has shown significant progress and is now doing well. He still visits the doctor regularly for follow-ups. He will be continuing medicines for some time. Your donation made it possible for him to be at home surrounded by family! Thanks to every donor who stepped forward and supported Goutam as he fought for his life.

Sharing is Caring
Success Story

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