Japan provides grants for Indian tribal students

On behalf of the Government of Japan, under the Government of Japan’s Grassroots Project (GGP) scheme, the Consulate General of Japan in Kolkata, Mr. Masayuki Taga signed a grant contract of US $ 99,640 with Mr. Suresh Kumar Panda, Arun Institute of Directors of Rural Affairs (AIRA) on Wednesday rode at the residence of tribal girls of Prabasini Educational Complex of AIRA in Kankadahad, Dhankanal, Odisha. Project established for air facility (AIRA).

Japan Grants
Photo credit – TOI

Since 1986, the Arun Institute of Rural Affairs (AIRA), the recipient NGO has been working for community-based activities such as literacy, water and sanitation, conservation of natural resources and poverty alleviation through AIRA for so many years. Grown up. Through an established civil society organization and the implementation of a wide range of integrated pro-poor programs and activities, it has built strong visibility as a catalyst for development. The NGO will use the grant for the construction of a hostel building with adequate space for tribal girls to live and boarding to ensure proper sanitation and hygiene environment, provision of additional coaching and doubt clearing facilities. Since 1992, the GGP scheme in Eastern India has been contributing to the upliftment of grassroots disadvantaged or illiterate communities. We have successfully assisted over 90 projects in Eastern India from inception till date. We hope that the recipient organization, AIRA will continue its dedication to the underprivileged and needy people in their region with the grant given today.”

Shri Suresh Kumar Panda (Director of AIRA) expressed his sincere appreciation and stated that “AIRA has been running an educational campus for the last 19 years in the pocket of Tribal Affairs, Tribal Minorities in collaboration with Government of India – Dhenkanal District Kachanar Block. . Currently the housing system is not able to provide proper facilities to the students in the academic campus. Through the GGP scheme, the people of Spain and the government With the support, the prisoners will get many good facilities. And survive. We can assure that after the completion of the project, we will have the resources and infrastructure to meet our educational goal. And equal opportunities for children Will ensure

The GGP scheme was set up to assist local Non-Governmental Organizations in various countries in a rapid and complete manner for various development needs, on a relatively small scale. As a donor, the Consulate General of Japan in Kolkata has supported more than US $ 4.5 million in the number of non-governmental organizations in the Eastern 4 states; Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal to deal with various challenges at the grassroots level for more than last 2 decades. We hope to know about the number of NGOs and local authorities and apply for the GGP scheme.

Source – TOI


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