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IRRI Full Form: History, Mission, Goals etc.

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The IRRI Full form is International Rice Research Institute, with its headquarters in Los Baos, Laguna in the Philippines and offices in seventeen nations, It is an organisation dedicated to doing agricultural research and providing agricultural training on a global scale. The Green Revolution in the 1960s, prevented the famine in Asia, as a result of work by IRRI in producing rice varieties.


The Institute was founded in 1960 with the goals of eradicating poverty and hunger, enhancing consumer and rice farmer health, and ensuring the environmental sustainability of rice production. Through team research, partnerships, and the improvement of the national agricultural research and extension systems of the nations IRRI works in, it furthers its objective.

The CGIAR Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers, a global alliance of institutions researching food security, includes IRRI as one of its 15 agricultural research institutes. Additionally, it is Asia’s largest non-profit agricultural research facility.

IRRI Overview

IRRI Full FormInternational Rice Research Institute
HeadquartersLos Banos, Laguna
Managing DirectorDr Jean Balie
MethodSocial science research
Official languagesEnglish

IRRI Mission

The goal of IRRI is to reduce hunger and poverty among groups and individuals who rely on rice-based agri-food systems. Through their efforts and collaborations, we hope to enhance the health and welfare of rice growers and consumers, advance environmental sustainability in a world affected by climate change and aid the industry’s efforts to empower women and young people.

Our research for development is characterised by its collaborative nature, which ranges from partnerships with the development sector to alliances with leading research institutions, as well as strong collaborations and capacity building with governments and national agricultural research and extension systems. A wide network of investors with similar interests supports the work of IRRI.


  • The objective is to anticipate and influence the future.
  • The connection between food, energy, and water is being addressed.
  • Reducing climate change and responding to it.
  • Generating insightful research and analysis.
  • Maximising the influence of distinctive features and genetics analyze
  • Amplify the impact on the world and people. supplying complete, location- and people-specific solutions.
  • Relating global approaches to regional requirements.
  • Offering both urban and rural people answers.
  • Transform agri-food systems based on rice. enhancing the resilience and livelihoods of smallholders.
  • Empowering young people and women in just the rice industry.
  • Supporting population health. encouraging national resilience through a focus on economic autonomy.
  • Providing actively guiding criteria and policies that are based on evidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the IRRI Full Form?

The IRRI Full Form is International Rice Research Institute.

When IRRI is formed?

It is formed in 1960.

What is the main goal of IRRI?

The main goal of IRRI is to Innovate, catalyze and Transform the agri-food systems.

What is the type of IRRI?

It is an intergovernmental organisation.

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