International Women’s Day 2024: Theme, Top NGOs, Women Empowerment, Work etc.

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International Women’s Day 2024 is celebrated globally by all on March 8 every year. The day is set aside because it is a chance to honour women from different social, economic, cultural, and political spheres. It could be a wake-up call that there are still miles to go in gender equality and society change advocacy. Many activities for women on International Women’s Day are planned to participate in the event. Such activities emphasise women’s achievements, fight for women’s rights and attract society to women’s organizations.

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This year’s Women’s Day is a vital day to advance the cause of women and make positive changes. In this article, you will learn about a fantastic day celebrating women. In India, women are called ‘devi’, which means goddess. Here, you will find information about the theme, women’s empowerment, the role of women, top NGOs, and much more.

1 International Women’s Day 2024 Theme
2 NGO Works for Women
3 Top NGOs in India who work for women
4 NGOs and Women’s empowerment
5 Why is International Women’s Day important?
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7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

International Women’s Day 2024 Theme

The theme of International Women’s Day 2024 will focus on Investing in Women: Promoting Equality. The strategic fund is an economic empowerment vehicle that incorporates a gender approach. This year’s national campaign theme is, however, ‘Inspire Inclusion.’ The campaign slogan “Inspire Inclusion” shows the influence of diversity and power in every sphere of life.

This year’s campaign, which accentuates the importance of inclusion in achieving gender equality, serves as the foundation. It maintains the structure that needs to be neglected of obstacles, prejudice, and creating conditions where each lady is regarded in high regard. Inspire Inclusion drives people to understand the importance of many women from all sections of society with different points of view and contributions, thus embracing women from marginalized communities.

NGO Works for Women

NGOs in India play a prominent role in defining strategies for global social, environmental, and humanitarian problems. 

Mission and Focus

NGOs most frequently aim to accomplish a particular aim: poverty reduction, human rights protection, environmental conservation, or emergency relief. They recognize points of concern and suggest methods to resolve them.

Funding and Resources

Public financing is the major income-generating channel for NGOs through different sources, such as individual donations, corporate sponsorships, and state and international grant programs. They employ these particularities to run their projects and make up their agendas.

Grassroots Involvement

Numerous NGOs are present at the field level. They work closely with the local communities, surveying the problems and requirements. This approach is the one that makes their actions respond to the culture and be sustainable as well.

Advocacy and Awareness

NGOs always participate in advocation and politics to influence policies and educate about them. They work with governments, international organizations, and others to influence change, guide, and direct meaningful impact.

Partnerships and Collaboration

NGOs normally form partnerships with other NGOs, governments, and private sector entities to tap into the resources, share the knowledge, and more effectively use the impact. Therefore, This collective approach enables them to develop more efficient solutions to difficult problems.

Monitoring and Evaluation

NGOs are equipped with monitoring and evaluation tools that help them measure and ensure the effectiveness of their programs, as well as inspect their donors and beneficiaries. This generates the data that will allow them to perfect their strategies and deploy their resources more effectively.

Top NGOs in India who work for women

If we talk about the present, there are thousands of NGOs working to end the difficulties of those struggling to survive. NGO serves as a Non-Governmental Organization committed to operating for those who cannot access education and healthcare because they cannot afford them. The main task of these groups is to alleviate endemic famine, improve schools and healthcare, empower women and environmental protection.

Many NGOs are operating in India at no cost, and we have come across the top 10 NGOs in India, which are the ones that have improved the situation and are giving assistance to the people. There are numerous issues in India, but these NGOs are doing a fantastic job. Please look at our list of the top 5 NGOs in India.

1. Shikshan Ane Samaj Kalyan Kendra for the community

shikshan ane samaj kalyan kendra for the community ngo logo

In 1980, Shikshan and Samaj Kalyan Kendra (SSKK) came into existence. They would like to offer women and children the hope to walk away from this livelihood and build a new, sustainable one. They try to resolve the problems of domestic violence and female offenders. 

SSKK not only helps to form self-help groups for women but also to secure stable incomes. The women have found their place; they have turned the idea of women upside down and helped them become more independent, self-reliant, and self-respectful.

2. International Crime Prevention and Victim Care Foundation (PCVC)

International Crime Prevention and Victim Care Foundation (PCVC) ngo logo

Before the International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC) was founded in 2001, victim and survivor support systems for domestic violence were nonexistent. They do this by providing crisis management, legal counselling, and help in getting support and resources. Through a team of social workers, psychologists and welfare officers, PCVC supports women by sheltering them and helping with their rehabilitation.

3. ActionAid India

ActionAid India ngo logo

ActionAid Association is an organization that works towards promoting social and ecological justice. Since 1972, they have been actively engaged with the most marginalized communities in India. In 2006, the ActionAid Association was registered as an independent Indian organization that is governed by a General Assembly and a Governing Board. They strive for equality, fraternity, and liberty for all and work in partnership with supporters, communities, institutions, and governments. ActionAid Association operates in 24 states and two union territories, collaborating with several partners and allied organizations. They are a full affiliate of ActionAid International, which is a global federation present in over 40 countries worldwide.

4. Guria India

Guria India ngo logo

Ajeet Singh pioneered the adoption of 3 children of a woman in commercial sex in 1988 and he finally got Guria India registered in 1993. Guria India works towards eradicating sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and children. This milestone in the adoption of children by Mr Singh is astonishing as he was only 17 years of age. Guria has fulfilled the absence of an organisation in India that works towards sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and children since its inception.

5. Sakhya Women’s Guidance Cell

Sakhya Women’s Guidance Cell ngo logo

Sakhya believes that all people, regardless of whether they are men or women or from other cultural backgrounds, should make their voices heard in their community or home, and through any intervention, they influence the concept of gender discrimination that is popular in society. Sakhya is proud of her micro work with the victims of domestic and household violence and also her macro work in social work and women empowerment.

NGOs and Women’s empowerment

Levelling the playing field – ensuring women have equal opportunities and aren’t held back just because of their gender. No more glass ceilings!

Education for every girl – investing in quality schooling and skills training opens doors for women’s personal growth and career prospects.

Financial independence rocks – Supporting women in pursuing careers, getting fair wages, and starting their own businesses—economic empowerment = true empowerment.

More women leaders, please – Amplifying women’s voices in politics, boardrooms, and decision-making bodies that shape our world.

No more violence or harassment – Period. Protecting women’s safety and human rights through legal reform and social change.

Healthy women, healthy world – Ensuring access to reproductive health services, maternal care, and overall well-being.

Sharing life’s responsibilities – Recognizing (and redistributing!) the unpaid domestic/care work that too often falls on women’s shoulders.

Rewriting the narrative – Challenging sexist stereotypes and celebrating diverse, empowering role models for girls and women.

Women as peacebuilders – Empowering women to take active roles in conflict resolution and post-war reconstruction efforts.

Guys, we need you too! Engaging men and boys as allies and partners in achieving true gender equality.

Why is International Women’s Day important?

International Women’s Day commemorates the progress of gender equality and its ongoing challenges. In 1911, only eight countries permitted women to vote, equal pay for equal work was unheard of, and reproductive rights were nonexistent.

Great strides have been made. Women now run nations after being denied the vote. Once restricted in where we worked, we now run corporations. In Australia, we have rights our grandparents could only dream of, but not perfect equality. We’re closer to that aim than most women worldwide.

Over 100 years ago, the inaugural march demanded an end to terrible employment conditions, equal rights, equal pay, and exploitation. These goals remain valid today, tragically.

Progress should be linear, yet it often reverses. Sometimes, laws and rights are ignored after being established. As an example:

Australian men kill one woman partner or ex a week despite domestic abuse legislation, public awareness, and legal protections.

Political football: reproductive rights. Access varies by state in Australia, and certain US states have laws banning abortions regardless of the woman’s cause.

A 2020 big investigation found climate change increases violence against women and girls. Domestic abuse, human trafficking, sexual assault, and environmental rights defender gender violence were studied.

IWD is an annual reminder to governments, companies, and others that women aren’t going anywhere and will fight for our human rights.

Progress hasn’t been fair.

Not all women have ever experienced discrimination, harassment, or institutional hurdles to achievement. IWD 2024 provides a chance to recognize and support women of colour, women with disabilities, and queer or trans women.

It shows solidarity with our sisters in places where they may be unable to march due to safety concerns.


NGOs function as key partners in promoting women’s entrepreneurship by supplying financial support, training, networking, advocacy, and community support programs. If March 8, 2024, is not on your calendar, there is still time to prepare before that date. As always, it has been one of the biggest days in our lives, but it is even more crucial to unite after the hardships we have been through. And so, on the occasion of World NGO Day 2024, we remember their invaluable work of enabling women to own and run their own enterprises, leading to a more prosperous and sustainable world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Women’s Day celebrated?

This day is a reminder that helps identify and celebrate women’s social, economic, cultural, and political attainment worldwide. It simultaneously helps us commemorate the achievements that have been made and the struggles women still experience today, such as the systemic inequalities.

What is the slogan for Women’s Day 2024?

The 2024 Day will focus on the theme, ‘Count Her In Advancing gender equality as an essential part of economic empowerment.

What is the symbol of International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day as we know it today first appeared over a century back when it was observed for the first time in major cities across the globe. Yet, National Public Radio (NPR) states that history claims that feminists in Italy did not adopt the mimosa flower as a symbol of courage, tactfulness, and sensitivity till March 8, 1946.

What is the colour of Women’s Day in 2024?

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate women in purple, green, and white colours. Purple represents justice and dignity towards the campaign, and green points to hope. These colours define the campaign.

Is International Women’s Day a holiday?

Each country has a different reason for celebrating this day. It can be a protest day or a day for gender equality. Some countries celebrate International Women’s Day as an official holiday. Armenia, Belarus, Cambodia, Cuba, Georgia, Laos, Mongolia, Montenegro, Russia, Uganda, Ukraine, and Vietnam celebrate IWD. Women’s Day and Mother’s Day are combined in Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, and Uzbekistan to honour mothers. Many Chinese women take a half-day off work, and the Italian Festa della Donna involves mimosa blossoms.

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