How to Start an NGO: Know the Registration Process, Types, Advantages, Documents etc.

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How to Start an NGO: There are many questions about NOGs, and if anybody wants to start an NGO, what do they do, and how do they start? Here is the solution. We share all the questions regarding NGOs. So let’s begin NGO exists as a non-governmental organization, while there is no utterly agreed-upon meaning of an NGO, typically, it is a voluntary group or institution with a social purpose which functions independently from the government. As per the surveys, NGOs have high public trust, making them a relevant proxy for the interests of stakeholders and society. 

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Although these words are not fundamentally interchangeable, an organization related to an NGO may be called a nonprofit organization, citizen sector organization, civil society organization, grassroots support organization, charity, voluntary organization, non-state actor, social benefit, and `advocacy organization. Through this article, we are providing complete information about NGOs, like what is NGO? How to Start an NGO? 

What is an NGO?

An NGO is an organisation in which the government has no role; It is a Non-governmental organisation. People who have good money or business help people through NGOs. NGOs are a subgroup of organisations established by citizens, including clubs and associations that provide services to their members and others—an organisation aimed at the welfare of society. NGOs do much social work, such as housing widowed women, teaching poor orphans, protecting women, etc.

NGOs were formed in the US because in the US, aside from the govt., various social works are done by these organizations. It is an organization that anyone can run; one person cannot run; it is run by a group of 7 or more people.

It is not run for profit but for the good of others. Individuals who want social or social reform work can do so through a registered or unregistered NGO. But one benefit of registered NGOs is that you can get financial support from the government for social welfare. If a person wants to do social work or social welfare without the government’s help, he can also work by contacting a private company.

Types of NGOs

Many questions are in our mind, such as how many types of NGOs and their orientation and level of operation may classify it. So, we are providing complete knowledge about the many types of NGOs there.

OrientationLevel of operation
CharitiesCommunity-based organizations (CBOs)
ServiceCity-wide organizations
ParticipationState NGOs
EmpowermentNational & International NGOs

Before beginning an NGO, you should know the primary difficulties of people in the area you want to reduce. Knowing this, it becomes easier to formulate the purpose and mission of your NGO accordingly. After this, you must decide the NGO’s vision, mission, and objectives.

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Advantages of an NGO

We are sharing the following advantages of commencing an NGO in India:

  • Improve Literacy level
  • Improve standards of life
  • Innovative approaches
  • Better communication
Registration Form

Registration Form

If you are looking for any assistance related to NGO registration then fill the form for further process. Our team will coordinate with you.

How to Start an NGO in India?

People with difficulties within society will have to work equally because no one listens to many people’s problems. Therefore, the purpose of any NGO should be to know the people’s issues and start their NGO accordingly.

Steps to start an NGO in India?

Here, we provide information about How to start an NGO in India; follow these easy steps to create an NGO. Let’s see.

How to Start an NGO?

Required Document

Before beginning an NGO, you need some essential documents.

  • Memorandum and Rules & Regulations in Duplicate duly signed by a Minimum of Three persons (Each page on the bottom).
  • Ownership Proof of Registered Office. (Electricity Bill/Sale Deed/ GPA/Water Bill etc.) and residential Proof/office address of all members of society, for example, Telephone bill/Voter ID/Electricity bill/ Driving license/Passport, etc.
  • NOC from the Owner of the premises & affidavit from the President on Rs.10/- Stamp Paper and all the members of society must sign the list of Desirous persons.
  • Desirous persons or persons subscribing to the name of the Memorandum should not be (in any case) less than seven. If it is meant to provide All India character to the society, there must be 8 separate persons from various states of the Indian Union to the Memorandum.

There are essential documents like a Trust Deed / Memorandum of Association, Rules and Regulations / Memorandum, and Articles of Association.

Which of these three documents you will require depends on the nature of your NGO. Complete details of your NGO are within these documents. Such as how many members will be in the NGO, the purpose of the NGO, How to make people members in NGOs, How NGOs work, and the expulsion rules.

If you are going to start an NGO, you must open a separate bank account in the name of the NGO. For this, you should have a PAN card in the NGO’s name because you will be able to open a bank account. Because if someone donates. So, it goes to the NGO’s account.

Things to Know Before Setting Up

Here, we are giving information about Things to Know Before Setting Up an NGO in India; starting an NGO requires more than just money; it requires hard work, determination, and a genuine passion for supporting others.

  • Board of Directors/members Set up.
  • Design of Name of your NGO
  • Memorandum – Articles of Incorporation/ Articles of Association
  • NGO registration
  • Start getting funds
  • Get Connected

How to Register for NGO?

The NGO registration process takes place in three ways. We can also say that NGOs can be registered in any of the three Acts. Let us know what these three acts are.

  • Trust Act
  • Society Act
  • Companies Act

Trust Act

There are Trust Acts in various states of India, but if a state does not have a Trust Act, then the 1882 Trust Act applies. It is necessary to have at least two trustees under this act. To register an NGO under the Trust Act, you need a document called a deed. To register an NGO under this Act, you must apply to the office of the Charity Commissioner or Registrar.

Society Act

NGOs are registered as societies, but NGOs can be registered as trustees in some states, such as the Societies Act in Maharashtra. Registration under the Act requires a Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulations document; this document is essential. At least seven members are required to create this document.

Section 8 Company Act

MOA & AOA and regulation documents are needed to register an NGO under the Companies Act. No stamp paper is required to build this document; a minimum of three members are required to create this document.

Top NGO in India

Non-governmental organizations worldwide work for various social and human welfare, working towards constant development and positive societal changes. It performs many functions; its primary purpose is to work on social causes. It educates poor orphans, provides books to children, provides good food for children in school, etc.

1. CRY (Child Rights and You)
2. Smile Foundation
3. Give India Foundation

To read the complete list, follow the link: Top 10 NGOs in India.

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