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How Robotex Educated Underprivileged Students in this Covid-19 Pandemic; Read Story Now!

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Even a pandemic can’t control the power of education – 20000 underprivileged students from government schools learnt to ‘Build Robots’ Online. The 2020 corona crisis leading to school shut down and lockdown did not knock down the learning zeal enthusiasm of students. Robotex India has coached over 20,000 underprivileged students of government school pan-India on STEM, Robotics, AI and coding.

Success Story

They believe that children from every village in India should have the opportunity to learn advanced digital future skills to help build an Intellectual, Innovative & Incredible India.

How has Robotex India educated 20000 students on Future Skills with students showcasing Robot projects even as Covid prevails?

Covid-19 pandemic’s adverse effect on the education system, over a year of schools shutdown, looming uncertainty on the reopening of schools causing far-reaching economic and societal consequences. The impact is even severe for disadvantaged children and their families, causing interrupted learning.

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A hurrah for students being promoted to the next grade with no exams – reality check can they cope with a higher grade curriculum?

STEM, Robotics, Coding projects illustrate the student’s logical and cognitive thinking and team-building abilities. The capstone projects revolve around solving real-life problems such as Environment, Waste Management, Corona crisis, Agriculture, Manufacturing. We successfully replicated the nonprofit offline model to an online model; 11000 students learnt, created and exhibited projects online.

Mission: At Robotex India is to unite global expertise aiming towards impacting technological innovation advocacy on building future-ready and pandemic-proof systems educating students on co-curricular fit for the 21st century, and addressing the disconnect between degree and skills, bridging Digital Divide to build a solid foundation for future generations and safeguarding their career goals initiating avenues towards increased employment and entrepreneurial options.

Robotex patent programs – ‘Girls who Build Robots’ and ‘Robotex for Rural’ instil Life Skills plus Technical Skills in school students at an early age to coach students for participation at the championships. The goal in the next 10 years is aligned with the WEF 2020 report stating the top 10 employable skills of 2030.

World Economic Forum report 2020 excerpt – Coming decade will be defined by the most significant workforce transition in the history of mankind. Skills that will shape the future workforce as opposed to degrees. Robotics, AI, ML accessible education will prove to be an essential bridge to the future of innovation.

Where there is Will, there’s always a Way.

Their students are from lower strata of society; the occupation is mainly drivers, security guards, house helps. Access to phones is limited being a single device family, no laptops or computers, electricity for limited hours, and wifi is unheard of. We overcame all hurdles via a robust low bandwidth LMS, live lessons, endless hours of mentoring and the Robotex passionate team. Students of Robotex India capstone projects are Robots that collect BioMedical Waste, Beach Cleaner, Self-Watering and Seed Sowing Tractor, a bot making announcements in public areas to keep their masks on, automated home sanitizers, contactless food delivery to Corona patients.

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NGO 10 Year Vision & Mission

To build a Future Skills pipeline for specialized higher education and employment + entrepreneurial opportunities, National and International Internships and Scholarships. Talent recognition by global companies would lead to internships and future employment by enabling Industry to Academia collaborations. 

Calling out all the change-maker good humans to join us in the ‘Tech for Good’ initiative. Come volunteer with us, mentor the students, contribute to making a change for the better in the lives of the underprivileged students.

Sharing is Caring
Success Story

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