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How Managobinda Memorial Charitable Trust (MMCT) finds the hidden talent in Rural areas; Read Story Now!

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M.M.C.T. is the oldest & Leading Organisation situated in the Jajpur District of Odisha. It started this organization by taking the help of some villagers. The trust felt only bookish Education is not the fulfilment of a rural area’s up-to-date life pattern policy in this emerging rise of modern society. They are assured that every child in his childhood has inborn qualities and innovative ideas and thoughts, but he doesn’t unravel his qualities due to a lack of fair chances. Their main aim is to find out the various hidden talent in the rural area’s children who aren’t getting the opportunity to show their talent in many subjects. The solo Moto of Trust is to increase the self-confidence and reveal the hidden talent of a bathroom singer to be a stage performer by organising through Socio-Cultural Competition Programme by arranging more than the numbers of School Children near Rural areas by providing awards to Best Doer & Trying them to Stand in Proper Position by placing various Competitional Subjects like Debate, One act playing, Monoaction, Singing different songs(modern, traditional, bhajan etc.), Quiz competition, Drawing, Poem recitation, Dance (current, classic, classical, folk dance etc.), Ancient Epics recitation, Painting etc. MMCT realised the Lack of getting chances for the rural area’s children is lying like a frog in a well.

Success Story

So always, they have tried to give a chance to a bathroom singer to become a stage performer and also this Trust presents special Assistance to the best Meritorious Students in this Localities who has done very Excellently in every year’s High School Exam. Besides these, this Trust has also taken steps to uplift downtrodden societies by doing social activities. Forgiving Inspiration to an ordinary people for their living being this Trust also Felicitates many Honorary Awards to men & women who have done an Outstanding Services in different Sectors like farmer in Agriculture, Local Art & Artisan, Social Work, Culture & Literature, Music and Health Sector on the suggestions of Board of Trustees every year. Besides these, this Trust also does many other social activities by providing as tubewell, electric fans, flood relief campaigns, Plantation, distributing shawls and blankets, donating microphones to temples, donating a small amount of money for medical assistance and students’ admission fees regarding Trust’s source of financial budget etc.

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“ This trust’s objectives are to develop the inner talent of children and give them chances to familiar rural people for creating their living being by inspiring to them through praising and awarding with their skill utilities with different activities “.

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Besides this, Trust’s ambition is :

First of all, the Trust’s main aim is to form such a type of Educational institution in which  Rural area students get the chance to develop their inner qualities and potentialities. With this:

1. To establish and run the hostels and boarding for boys and girls to promote good education with extra Co-Curricular activities with providing scholarships and educational assistance to poor, needy and deserving students.

2.  To establish a medical centre for the patients and provide shelter permanently. By establishing health centres, and hospitals and supporting the causes that need medical and surgical help, the poor and needy.

3. To provide homes for homeless widows and needy children, create shelter homes for the aged etc. To raise and promote social, cultural, educational, and humanitarian standards and help facilitate the conditions of oppressed minorities and backward classes and help the destitute poor and needy.

4. To construct a higher secondary school and junior college. Also, build a centre for the vocational training and empowerment of girls and women’s education by establishing institutions primarily to support the cause of women’s education and empowerment by providing the best coaching facilities to underprivileged students, especially for girls & women.

5.  To construct and run technical schools, study centres and non-formal education classes by establishing and running primary, secondary schools, colleges of Arts, commerce, science, management, and vocational training centres.

6.  To establish a home for destitute girls and children victims of nature and homemade calamities. To establish a complete village to shelter such orphan children with the facilities of schools, medical centres etc., with constructing old age, widow & orphanage asylum.

7.  To give special training to men & women of local areas like farmers, an artisan by camp training through well-known technologies by inviting the Govt. or Pvt. Expert or concerned authorities.

Sharing is Caring
Success Story

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