Indian Government extends the validity of NGOs FCRA registration Certificate till June 30

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FCRA registration Validity Extends: Many NGOs are currently waiting for their FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) registration to be approved. On March 28, the Ministry of Home Affairs released a public notice stating that the last date of FCRA registration certificates for NGOs has been extended until June 30th.

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As per the official update the validity of FCRA registration certificates of the following categories of FCRA-registered

  • On Thursday the Ministry of Home affairs published the official notification on their official website for the validity of registration certificates of such entities whose validity was extended till 31.03.2024 in terms of the Public Notice dated 25.09.2023 and NGOs in India whose renewal application is pending, will stand extended till 30 June 2024 or till the date of disposal of renewal application, whichever is earlier.
  • As per the notice released by MHA, the validity of FCRA entities whose 5-year validity period is expiring between 1st April to 30th June 2024, and who have either applied or will apply for renewal before the expiry of their current validity period, will now be extended until 30th June 2024 or until the date of disposal of the renewal application, whichever is earlier.

Please take note that as per the recent updates, all associations registered under the FCRA are advised that in case their application for renewal of the certificate of registration is refused, their certificate’s validity will be considered as expired from the date of refusal of renewal. Hence, such associations won’t be able to receive foreign contributions or utilize any previously received foreign contributions.

This updates with the approval of the Competent Authority. All concerned may take note of the above decision and take appropriate action in the matter.

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