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CIP Full Form: Overview, Features, Objectives etc.

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The International Potato Center is the CIP Full Form, a research-for-development organisation that was established in 1971 with a focus on Andean, sweet potato, and potato roots and tubers. It provides cutting-edge, science-based solutions to increase access to reasonably priced, nutrient-dense food, promote inclusive sustainable business growth and employment growth, and support root and tuber agri-food systems’ climatic resilience. With its main office in Lima, Peru, CIP conducts research in more than 20 nations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Success Story

CIP is a member of the CGIAR, a global partnership for food security research. In a climate emergency, CGIAR science is committed to changing the food, land, and water systems. In close cooperation with hundreds of partners, including national and regional research institutes, civil society organisations, academic institutions, development organisations, and the commercial sector, its 13 CGIAR Centers/Alliances conduct their research.

CIP Overview

CIPInternational Potato Center
HeadquartersLima, Peru
MethodSocial science research
Official languagesEnglish


  1. They want to use scientific research to sustainably reduce poverty and attain food security in poor nations.
  2. Activities about the cultivation of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other root and tuber crops, as well as enhanced resource management in the Andes and other mountainous regions, have to be managed by the CIP.
  3. CIP offers a guarantee for the goal of quality.


  1. A world that is robust, inclusive, and healthy thanks to root and tuber systems.
  2. CIP provides cutting-edge, scientifically based solutions to increase access to affordable, nutrient-dense food, promote equitable, sustainable business and employment growth, and promote root and tuber agri-food system climate resilience.
  3. They strive for excellence in partnership, staff diversity, dignity and respect, empowerment, integrity, and other areas.

Crops under CIP

  • Potato
  • Sweet potato
  • Andean roots and tubers

CIP -Georgia

The Austrian Development Agency received financing from the Republic of Austria in 2017 to support CIP’s initial three-year project, “Enhance the rural livelihood of Georgia,” which was then extended for an additional three years. “Improve the livelihoods of Georgian farmers by boosting the profitability and sustainability of their potato harvests and develop the capacity of national participants in the potato seed value chain,” states the project’s mission statement.


The International Potato Center (CIP) is a leader in scientific cooperation and new ideas. Its goal is to improve food security, lower poverty, and encourage sustainable farming practices around the world. CIP aims to build strong agri-food systems that support values of excellence, diversity, and honesty through its research-for-development programs, which focus on potatoes, sweet potatoes, and root crops in particular. CIP’s dedication to relationships and effective solutions makes it a key player in creating a healthier and more fair world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the CIP Full Form?

International Potato Center is the CIP Full Form.

When CIP is established?

CIP is established in 1971.

What is the goal of CIP?

The CIP goal is to have a world that is robust, inclusive, and healthy thanks to root and tuber systems.

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Success Story

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