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Read out CEHRO NGO Success Story about how they start one step toward making a better world

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Centre For Education And Health Research Organization (Cehro India), is a philanthropic organization registered under1860 the Societies Act to help the unprivileged and neglected sections of society to realize their dreams of living a respectful and dignified life by catering to their basic needs of education, health and employment. On 12th March 2012, they started the organization with 50 underprivileged children. To date, we have accepted more than 3000 children. Around 45% of our children come from critically poor families and around 63% of them are girl students.

Success Story

To whom do they Support?

At CEHRO INDIA they focus on the holistic development of the community, we cannot imagine a better community without the well-being of women’s health. They are living in a community where menstruation is being treated as a stigma and taboo.

The main problem is Menstrual hygiene is still a left-behind topic and people fear talking about it loud. The common issues with menstrual hygiene across the country were women did not aware about do/don’ts in those days, women did not have any support to get sanitary napkins and cause of their very low-income financial situation purchasing sanitary napkins doesn’t come as their priority. In absence of proper clean sanitary napkins, these girls/women are forced to use substitutes like unhygienic pieces of cloth or even plastic sheets which cause them hazardous diseases and many times cause death.

To raise awareness and fight the stigma around menstruation, CEHRO INDIA is running the “Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Program” for underprivileged girls and women since 2015. We organize workshops, with activities to understand menstruation, puberty, and human body science for underprivileged adolescent girls and women.

Their menstrual hygiene awareness program’s focus areas are:

  • Awareness of Safe Menstrual Disposal.
  • Access to Period Education.
  • Distribution of Sanitary Napkins

Highlights of the Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Program

  • Workshop held at Manglamay Institute of Management and Technology, Knowledge park Greater Noida
  • Online session on Menstrual hygiene awareness “Period Talks”with the collaboration of Tech Mahindra academy for smart healthcare where girls and women join session online from Munirka and nearby 2 slums.
  • Session held on “Period talks” for awareness of students and women regarding menstrual hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Session held on menstrual hygiene and family planning.
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Menstrual hygiene awareness session conducted with the support of Unicharm (Sofy) at Munirka centre, distributed sanitary napkins to 160 girls and women
The workshop was conducted with the support of India is Us at Masjid Compound and distributed sanitary napkins to 200 girls and women after the workshop.
Workshop at Inder camp conducted with the help of JNU students where session held on disposal of sanitary napkins.

Women’s Relif Response To Covid-19 Crisis

  • Distribution of sanitary napkins at Munirka with the support of Geetanjali Enclave Residents.
  • Distribution of sanitary napkins at Sindhi Basti ( slum near Mahipalpur).
  • Distribution of sanitary napkins door to door at Bhawar sing camp and Nepali camp (slums near Vasant vihar)

Sharing is Caring
Success Story

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